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Does your home need an update? A brand new bathroom may be just the ticket!

If you recently found yourself in need of a bathroom that is more accessible for your needs or simply want to feel like you’re in a spa in your own home, consider a bathroom remodeling project. This kind of service makes for an excellent investment and will help you fall in love with your home all over again

Pratt Remodeling is experienced in helping homeowners turn their bathrooms into a personalized oasis, regardless of the size or layout. To help you through this important decision we have a team of friendly customer service professionals who are happy to help you consider the many options available to you when you choose to remodel your bathroom.

Clients choose Pratt for our detailed, personalized guidance and strong command of the remodeling process. We are fully insured and licensed in the state, so you have peace of mind that we are committed to fulfilling your needs with the highest quality and safety your family can count on. This means a seamless remodel project and a guaranteed end result.


Remodeling is when a builder or contractor changes the space of a room or section of your home. This is very different from renovating, which involves repairing items that are broken, replacing fixtures to make them new again or adding aesthetic features that liven up the overall feel of the room.

Remodeling requires larger, structural work to take place. This means you may want to open up your bathroom where it’s currently sectioned off into two sides, change the side of the room the sink is on or maybe install some privacy for your toilet area. Anything that changes the layout or spacing of your bathroom is considered a remodel.

Here are the typical steps in a bathroom remodel:

  • Create a plan and budget for your project. This includes looking at inspiration and asking yourself what you hope to accomplish with this remodel.
  • Hire a contractor. Pratt completes projects with detail and care. We also will handle all the necessary permits necessary for your project depending on the scope and scale of the remodel so we can complete the work with no hassles or delays.
  • Begin demolition. After inspections, we begin demolition. This can involve knocking out walls, cabinets, and adding framing and windows.
  • Rough-ins, plumbing and electrical units will be installed. This is all the behind the scenes labor inside your walls.
  • Flooring is installed and paint is applied. We perform these services before fixtures and larger features are applied.
  • Cabinets and countertops are installed. We use the materials, finishes and colors as directed by the homeowner.
  • Accents are installed. If you would like trim work, carpentry or other unique finishes we can install them per your request.

Our team also specializes in rot repair for homeowners who may be experiencing water damage or rot in their existing bathroom. This will be treated, repaired and remedied before new construction begins on your remodel.

For a bathroom remodel in Norwalk, Fairfield County; Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, and Stamford, CT that you can trust, we invite you to contact one of our specialists today.


Ready to get started on a bathroom remodeling project?

As a trusted home builder and remodeler with years of experience, we can provide the information, guidance and construction that will transform your house into a
stellar home with style and longevity. Scheduling a quote is a great way to consider the many options for your project and learn more about our team and past construction.

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