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Pratt Building & Remodeling is here to help you with your new construction.

We build homes for clients all across the Norwalk, CT region. If you have an idea for an original home design, we can build it for you and create the residential oasis you’ve been daydreaming about.

Homeowners and future homeowners purchase a plot of land for their new house and we work with them to build the house they desire using their own layouts, our personal recommendations or a mixture of both.

There are countless reasons why it’s a great idea to build your own home, but it's vital to choose a trusted company to ensure that each aspect of the construction is built to code and exactly the way you intended. During the entire process we keep your vision in the forefront, from the major layout to the smallest details.


Many families choose to build their own house so they can reclaim control over the space they call home. When you decide to live in a new construction you have a lot of say in what does and doesn’t become a part of this process. You have the ability to:

  • Decide exactly where you want to live and how much space you want to have around you as well as the size of your home.
  • Choose the style of house you would like to live in
  • Choose the builder you prefer to work with and trust
  • Save money compared to buying an existing home on the market
  • Create space that fits the individual functional needs of your household
  • Learn about the building process and have a say in the materials used

These benefits allow homeowners to truly enjoy a home that was made for them, instead of trying to make a home fit or having to spend thousands of dollars later making adjustments to a house that wasn’t a good complement to their lifestyle.


Clients all over Connecticut choose us for their new construction because we are known for top-notch customer service. That means you can count on a friendly voice on the phone, knowledgeable crew members who are ready to answer your questions and honest information every time. We also take pride in making ourselves available to clients so you don’t have to spend days wondering where we are or waiting for answers. We’re here for you whenever you need us, with consistent updates throughout your building process.

And most importantly, our construction is second to none. We use materials that are safe, up to code, and lasting. Homeowners love our houses because they are well-built, solidly constructed, and look beautiful. Your family will enjoy every corner of your home, which is built with everything from playtime and entertaining to energy efficiency and winterization in mind. We truly care that you have a house you can call home for years to come without constant fixing and headaches. It’s our pride and joy to construct not only the best house but your very own home.


Ready to get started on a new construction?

As a trusted home builder and remodeler with years of experience, we can provide the information, guidance and construction that will transform your house into a
stellar home with style and longevity. Scheduling a quote is a great way to consider the many options for your project and learn more about our team and past construction.

Call us today at (203) 984-3194 or contact us using the button below to get started.