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Create a Personalized Home with a Custom Builder

Nothing showcases the availability of design quite like the Parade of Homes. Touring through the various styles leaves many homeowners thinking about how to build their dream home. A custom home builder may provide that personal touch you crave. Building Style The property you plan to put the home on can impact the type of…

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Big Reasons to Consider Getting New Windows

When you own a home, it may seem as though the maintenance and upkeep will never end. While your windows should last for up to 20 years, they’ll eventually start to wear out. You may even get tired of their look and style. When it’s time to do some home remodeling, window installation makes a…

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Top Considerations When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Do you dread spending time in your kitchen because of a poor layout, dated look, or cramped space? It may be time for you to give your kitchen the attention it needs with a remodeling project. A well done kitchen remodel can give your space the boost it needs while providing you with a workable…

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New Windows vs Replacement Windows

Your home’s windows are important for many reasons. Not only do they contribute to the look and feel of your home, but they can affect how well it retains heat and utilizes energy as well. However, if you need to have work done on your windows at any point, you may find you’re not exactly…

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The Kitchen Floor Plan Makes a Big Difference

Kitchen remodeling is one of the top things homeowners do to improve the look, functionality and salability of your home. When redoing the kitchen, it is important to consider the floorplan in your design. You may have to stay within certain boundaries, but the floorplan makes a huge difference in how the kitchen feels, looks…

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Steps to a Great Bathroom Remodel

When you are ready to take on a bathroom remodeling project, you can’t just jump in and start taking out walls. You need to make a few decisions before you get started, hopefully with the guidance of a remodeling expert. Here are some of the steps needed to make your bathroom remodel go as smoothly…

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Should You Replace Them or Get New Ones?


As a homeowner, you expect parts of your house to wear out and completely break. Windows are no exception. Weather factors such as rain, snow, wind and hail can cause significant damage to your windows over time. Even the sunlight can harm the frames. If you’ve spotted problems with your windows, you may be inclined…

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Turn Your Back Porch Into a Retreat


Outside living space can be a huge asset to both your property value and your overall sense of health and serenity. If you have a large backyard, a creative deck builder can construct a back porch or patio that feels like an oasis after a long day at work. There are many ways to add…

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Why Add An Addition To Your Home?


If you’ve fallen in love with your current location but not quite living in your dream home, home additions can be excellent ways to expand your home, personalize your space and enjoy increased value. From a minor addition to an expansive new portion of your home, here are some benefits to choosing an addition as…

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