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Is it time for new windows? Is your older home feeling drafty or do you wish there was more natural light in your house?

We provide window replacement in Norwalk, CT and its surrounding areas. Many of our clients may opt for window replacement as part of a remodel, but we also offer window replacement services as a single service on its own. We install top brands such as Anderson in addition to a broad range of styles and brands on the market today.

Window replacement is a great way to upgrade the look of your home, add aesthetic appeal, create additional lighting, save on utility bills and make your home safer. Not sure if you should replace your windows? There are many things to consider. Here are a few tips to help you decide.


The first and most obvious reason to replace a window is if you’ve noticed it’s become damaged. Sometimes windows may form cracks in the glass that begin to splinter across or the locking mechanism no longer works. Some windows may even warp or expand. If any part of your window is broken it’s time to get a new one.

The second reason to replace your windows is to create a more energy-efficient home. Houses that have high heating and cooling bills can sometimes be attributed to faulty window systems. If your house has drafty windows that let in too much air, you could be losing hundreds of dollars every winter with heating you wouldn’t need with newer windows. And during harsh Connecticut winters that’s something you don’t want to risk. We often install Marvin Windows for homeowners looking to save on their bills because of their excellent Energy Star selection in windows.

If you no longer like the way your windows look, that’s a great reason to find a replacement! Many clients replace a window or set of windows simply because they don’t like the look or want something different like a double-pane window or sliding window. We can help match your style or find the best option from the many styles of window on the market today.

Finally, if you’re renovating a new home it’s a good idea to check out the windows and replace them. Older homes may have windows that are not energy efficient or experience damage or don’t have adequate locking mechanisms to deter intruders. If you are in the middle of a renovation process, windows should be added to your list of things to do.

Remember that if you are adding on to your home, you’ll have to install new windows which we are happy to help with. Anytime you have a major remodel or addition to your home make sure that all windows will be replaced, added and accounted for properly so you can soak up the natural light and keep cold drafts out in the winter!


Looking to have your windows replaced?

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